Living in such a beautiful place as the Wilmington area, we are blessed to be surrounded by so much picturesque nature and charged to responsibly protect and preserve the precious resources and creatures that make this place so magical. For millions of years sea turtles have thrived in the world’s oceans. Recently however, many factors have brought these wondrous creatures to the brink of extinction. Here in NC, our coastal waters play a vital role in the viability of sea turtle populations by providing over 300 miles of nesting grounds and hosting 5 of the world’s 7 species. The most common are the green sea turtle, loggerhead and Kemp’s Ridley followed by the leatherback and hawksbill. All species are listed as endangered or threatened and are therefore protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Fortunately, there are volunteers across our great state and right in our backyard doing their best to protect this precious species. Our Brunswick County organizations include the Oak Island Sea Turtle Protection Program (OISTPP) and Bald Head Island Conservancy. OISTPP is an all-volunteer non-profit organization with a mission to protect and monitor the sea turtle population of Oak Island. From easy tips of how you can help, donating to adopt a nest, or volunteering your time there are several ways to get involved. The BHI Conservancy is a non-profit, founded in 1983 with a goal to champion environmental research and the stewardship of barrier islands by protecting nesting sea turtles and collecting data about their environment.

So, the next time you are down at our Private Beach Club on Oak Island  do your best to be mindful of all the wondrous creatures who share this amazing beach. You might even notice the marked nests for you to observe, but not touch. Note that the best hatching times are from May to September.

Get to know Oak Island with our video tour and be sure to get a live look of the beach from our webcam. At The Bluffs, you can enjoy memorable moments from river to sea and everywhere in between. Come discoverThe Bluffs in person and pick out the perfect Move-In Ready home or homesite for you, and let the beach adventures begin!