When it comes to visiting The Bluffs, fun, relaxation and adventure are the order of the day! You’ll want to make the most of your (amazing) time in our coastal area—from exploring the nature trails at The Bluffs, to dining at the best spots in downtown Wilmington, to getting out on the river for a boat ride.


Here are a few pro tips for a beautiful Bluffs visit:


What to Pack:


Flip flops! Yes, in any season, you’ll want to bring comfy sandals of your choice. (Even in winter, we have the occasional sunny 68˚ day!) Flip flops mean you can visit and tour our Private Beach Club, then step right over to the sandy shores of Oak Island beaches. 


Comfy clothes. There’s so much to do here and you’ll want to be dressed casually and comfortably. Take a river cruise. Walk our winding, scenic boardwalk to the river. Hop in a golf cart and head over to the fishing pier at the lake. Life is easy here. We want you to arrive, and feel the stress peel away. That’s why we suggest ‘dress to decompress.’ 


Binoculars, phone charger, journal…  From songbirds to great blue herons, spectacular sunsets, there are a million ‘photo worthy’ moments during a Bluffs visit. Binocs come in handy for birdwatching, ocean gazing, and riverwatching. You’ll want to keep your phone charged and ready to catch all the smiles and ‘wow’ moments that happen here. 

And, if you’re the writing type, bring your journal! You’ll likely make some great memories that deserve to be written down.


Sense of adventure! Our coastal region is full of activity, joy and stunningly beautiful nature. Come ready to embrace this satisfying lifestyle. We can’t wait to see you!


The Bluffs Team