The Wilmington area is one of the biggest areas of growth in the state, only second to the Raleigh area. The population is estimated to have grown 1.99% in a single year between 2012 and 2013. This growth is only expected to increase, in 2013 the city of Wilmington had about 109,000 people but by 2040 that number is expected to grow to about 166,000. In addition, job growth is expected to grow 40.50% in the next 10 years.

A number of factors have influenced this rapid growth around the Port City. An ideal location by the Cape Fear river, while being mere minutes from the best beaches in the Carolinas, coupled with the low cost of living of the South, and the flourishing business atmosphere are just a few of the reasons why Wilmington is experiencing such tremendous growth.

Another important reason for Wilmington’s success is its thriving tourism industry. During the long southern summers, tourists flock to Wilmington’s beaches, providing a large income to the city.

Even with all of the growth in business, the city of Wilmington has still maintained its exceptional quality of life standards. Wilmington surpasses the rest of the state and United States in categories such as education, health, weather, and restaurants. The suburban and family populations in accordance is growing rapidly—in 2010 the midtown-suburban region was one of the two biggest population collections in the city, the other being the corporate downtown area.

With its flourishing economy and unique location, the greater Wilmington area is a wonderful place to call home and the Bluffs’ ideal location will put you right in the middle of everything that the Port City has to offer.