As the calendar flips to December, gardeners in Zone 8 find themselves embracing the winter months. While the chill might slow some garden activities, there’s still plenty to do and enjoy in the garden. While December might mean cooler temperatures, it doesn’t mean your gardening journey has to halt. Our mild winter temperatures, offer an opportunity to keep the gardening spirit alive even during the colder months. Below are some tips and tricks for gardeners to continue to nurture your garden, prepare for the upcoming season, and relish the beauty of the winter garden. Embrace the unique opportunities this season offers and stay connected to nature as you tend to your garden during December. 

Protect Tender Plants and Wildlife. Zone 8 often experiences frost, so it’s crucial to protect delicate plants from freezing temperatures. Cover them with frost cloth or mulch to insulate and shield them from the cold. Support local wildlife by providing food and water sources. Bird feeders and clean water baths can attract birds that help control pests in the garden.

Mulch and Compost. Apply a thick layer of mulch around plants to conserve soil moisture and protect roots from freezing temperatures. Also, continue composting to enrich the soil for spring planting.

Pruning and Maintenance. December is an excellent time for pruning dormant trees and shrubs. Remove dead or damaged branches to encourage healthy growth when spring arrives. Also, check for pests and diseases and treat as needed. Use this downtime to clean and maintain gardening tools. Sharpen blades, oil moving parts, and store them properly to ensure they’re in top condition for the upcoming seasons.

Plan for Spring. Use this time to plan your spring garden. Research and select seeds or plants you want to grow. Consider crop rotation and companion planting to optimize space and prevent soil depletion.

 Indoor Gardening. For those missing the feel of gardening during the colder months, consider indoor gardening. Grow herbs, microgreens, or houseplants to satisfy your gardening urge and brighten up your home.

Relax and Enjoy the Garden’s Tranquility. Winter gardens have their own unique charm. Take time to appreciate the quiet beauty of your garden during the colder months, with frosted landscapes and evergreen plants adding a touch of serenity.

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