With June bringing consistently warmer temperatures and the arrival of summer, new life is springing up everywhere. Outdoor planting is in full swing, and some plants are even reaching harvest time. Check out our June Garden checklist for things you can do in this month to help produce a rewarding lush landscape and bountiful harvest.

Maintaining. Monitor for pests and note how certain varieties of plants have been successful and which didn’t perform. Keep your observations in you journal so you can refer to them next year. Weed the garden regularly to keep the task easy and manageable. Freshen up and add mulch or a plant cover like Dianthus to bare soil to prevent weeds. Also known as Sweet William, Carnation, or Pinks. These perennials offer colorful flowers, are low growing and attract butterflies. Dianthus are deer resistant and drought tolerant once established, win win!

NOTE: Garden flowers, whether annuals or perennials, benefit from “deadheading” after flowering. By removing the spent flower heads, energy is used to produce more flowers or foliage and roots. Many will produce another flush of blooms.

Water. After your vegetable garden is well established, it is best to water it thoroughly once a week rather than giving it a light watering every day. That way, a deeper root system is encouraged to develop, which will later help the plants tolerate dry weather. Control mosquitoes by eliminating all sources of stagnant water. Consider installing a bat house to encourage bat habitat, they eat mosquitoes!

Wildlife. Don’t forget about inviting birds to your backyard to help control insect populations and protect your plants. Fill up your birdfeeders, add a hummingbird feeder, fill birdbaths with clean water, and add a birdhouse to help provide a safe new home for nesting. Plant sunflower seeds for the birds to enjoy later summer.

Plant. Wilmington is in USDA Zone 8, affording us a long growing season. June is a great time to Continue planting direct-seeded, warm season vegetable crops such as beans, summer squash, cucumbers, asparagus, rhubarb, field peas and warm weather herbs like basil, and wildflower seeds.

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